Minor Car Problems You Don’t Want to Avoid Repairing

As a car owner, you may hesitate to take your car to a shop even if you know it needs repairs, to avoid the cost and the time without your vehicle. However, there are some minor problems with a car that can actually signal major auto repairs that need to be done, or which can be more serious than you realise. Note a few of those seemingly minor car problems that you don't want to avoid repairing and then note why you should address them as soon as possible. Read More 

What Might Be Wrong With That Diesel Engine

A diesel-powered engine is often chosen when a car or truck needs maximum towing capacity, as a diesel engine usually provides more power versus more speed. A diesel engine also converts heat to power, so it typically runs more efficiently than a petrol engine, which just wastes the heat it produces. While a diesel engine may be stronger and more efficient overall, it may suffer some of the same problems as a standard petrol engine, and some problems that are unique to diesel engines because of how they're designed. Read More 

How to Make Sure That You Consider Everything Carefully When Buying a Caravan

If you like to travel but value independence, then you may be thinking about buying a caravan to take you and your family into the wonderful Australian countryside. This gives you an amazing amount of flexibility, doesn't tie you to schedules and provides for an amazing bonding experience. If you've never owned a caravan before, you do need to think carefully before proceeding, to make sure that you not only buy what you need, but are careful when it comes to safety. Read More 

Top Contemplations Before Renting a Car Internationally

If you are travelling to a new country on a short trip and will need to use a car during your stay there, renting one is the most practical option. But if you do not know how to go about car rental process, you can easily end up renting something that does not meet your requirements. Here is a look at some important considerations you need to make prior to renting a car internationally. Read More 

Diagnosing And Repairing The Causes Of Unusual Automatic Gearbox Whining

Hearing your car make unusual or unpleasant noises is always a cause for concern, and the same goes for when you suspect noises are coming from your car's automatic gearbox. An automatic transmission may be less complicated to operate than a manual one, but that doesn't make it any less complicated mechanically, and a variety of problems can cause your gearbox to make unexpected noise. One of the most alarming noises your gearbox can make is a sudden, high pitched whine. Read More