Automotive Body Restoration –Protect Your Vehicle Parts From Corrosion

Whether you are restoring your car's body after a collision or replacing some of the old or worn out components, corrosion protection is a critical step in the process. Vehicle manufacturers usually apply corrosion protection to their vehicles during the manufacturing process. However, during the restoration, the body parts may be fabricated or replaced entirely depending on the extent of the damage. This means that the new components may not have the corrosion protection that was present in the original parts. Read More 

Inspections to Carry Out On Used Caravans

Buying a caravan is a significant investment. That is why some people would rather opt for used caravans as they tend to be cheaper than having to buy a brand new one. Nevertheless, it can be quite catastrophic opting for a second-hand caravan only to find that it is completely worse for wear and would require extensive repairs to restore it. To prevent this, it would be in your best interests to familiarise yourself on the things to look out for when considering used caravans. Read More 

How to Choose the Right Grille Guard for Your Truck

A grille guard is a must-have for anyone who takes their truck off-roading or through any type of dense brush and tall grass. The grille guard flattens out that thick brush while protecting the headlights and other parts under the hood from damage. Because there are so many options for grille guards for your truck, note a few simple but important tips for making your choice before you even begin to shop. Read More 

Warning Signs that Indicate a Faulty or Failing Power Door Lock Actuator

The power door lock actuator is an electronically controlled device that's fitted inside the door of a car, and which operates the mechanism that locks and unlocks the car. If the actuator is faulty, you may find your car locking or unlocking on its own, or activating intermittently without you pushing the button. A faulty power door lock actuator can cause inconvenience to a driver. Understanding the warning signs that indicate impending failure of the power door lock actuator can enable you to address the problem before the device fails entirely. Read More 

A Few Things to Consider When Shopping for a Used Refrigerated Van

A refrigerated van is a great transport option for your floral or catering business or for a wide variety of other uses. You can use a freezer van for selling ice cream and other treats at local fairs and attractions, creating a business for yourself that is very easy to operate. Buying a used refrigerated van means checking over all the mechanical items you would check for any used vehicle, but then also ensuring the cargo area and refrigeration system is also in good condition. Read More