Heavy Haulage and Towing: Common Questions and Their Answers

Heavy haulage refers to the commercial or business activity of moving heavy and abnormal loads from one place to another. Most of the loads falling in this category cannot fit in ordinary vehicles and mini-trucks. They are either too heavy or too large such that special considerations must be given to the vehicle used when ferrying them. In fact, some hauling some of the abnormal loads will require adjusting the suspension on your truck together with its trailer. For instance, a wide crawler might force you to change your box trailer for an alternative one with collapsible sides to offer more room for the load. Here are some common questions on heavy haulage and thorough responses to help you gain insight:

What is the Importance of Anti-sway Control?

Trailers hauling heavy and abnormal loads on the road pose a significant safety hazard for other people on the road. A laden trailer generates lots of momentum behind the truck, and it can start to swerve gently as the vehicle moves along the road. The heavier the load, the greater the momentum generated. This affects the stability of the truck. There is a high chance that the driver might lose control of the truck, causing an accident. Ideally, you must have anti-sway control for optimal safety of your driver and other road users. It is a stability control mechanism that employs several electronic sensors to identifying yawing movements by the trailer. The sensors then apply break pressure on the trailer wheels to bring it back in line.

What is Towing Capacity?

Since the trailer you have bought or hired comes with a suitable hitch for towing, tow capacity is the maximum weight that your vehicle can haul without damaging important components such as the transmission, engine and differential. Hauling loads that exceed the maximum capacity doesn't do any good to the vehicle. always match the weight of the load with the hauling capacity of the truck.  

Why Do You Need Oil Cooler Systems?

Even in cases where your load is within the maximum tow capacity of the truck, heavy haulage still imparts too much work on your truck's engine, transmission and lubrication system. The temperature of the transmission and engine oil will be high at all times, because the engine is constantly working hard to provide the much needed power. Thankfully, there are aftermarket oil cooling systems for your engine and transmission. Buy them for your truck before the tough work begins. The truck needs a good treat for all the hard work it puts in.