Minor Car Problems You Don’t Want to Avoid Repairing

As a car owner, you may hesitate to take your car to a shop even if you know it needs repairs, to avoid the cost and the time without your vehicle. However, there are some minor problems with a car that can actually signal major auto repairs that need to be done, or which can be more serious than you realise. Note a few of those seemingly minor car problems that you don't want to avoid repairing and then note why you should address them as soon as possible.

Dragging or pulling to one side

If you notice that your car pulls to one side when you let go of the steering wheel or if you can feel the drag to one side as you drive, you don't want to ignore this problem. The car may need a simple alignment and balancing, but the brake pad might be slipping on that side so that the brakes could suddenly fail. The calipers that hold the brakes against the rotor may also be malfunctioning and not releasing the pad; this puts added wear on those calipers so they could easily snap, and again, the brakes fail. Lack of brake fluid can also mean the calipers are not working properly, and the car needs adequate brake fluid for the brakes to function. Note that you don't need to be applying the brakes to feel a drag caused by the brakes malfunctioning, so in all cases, have this problem checked as soon as possible.

Smell of exhaust

If you can smell the car's exhaust in the cab of the car, this should be fixed right away. That exhaust is very dangerous and downright deadly when inhaled, which is why the tailpipe is used to vent it out the back end of the car. Leaks in this exhaust system also put wear and tear on the engine, as it needs to vent out fumes in order to maintain proper combustion.

Car pulls away from a turn

When you turn a corner and feel the car pulling away from you, out of that turn, this usually means a problem with the gears under the wheel well. These gears need to work harder to balance the speed of tires when you turn. When they begin to fail, the car may pull away from that turn and even start to slide. While you may only notice this problem during a turn, if those gears should fail, the tires may not rotate freely even when driving straight. It can be best to have those gears inspected and replaced as necessary so they don't give out when you're on the road.