Why Your Tyres May Wear Out Sooner Rather Than Later

While most tyre brands are meant to last for several years before they need replacing, there are many things that can make your car's tyres wear out much sooner than you expect, including your own driving habits! This is true even if you invest in a durable, commercial-grade brand of tyre. Note a few of those factors here so you can be sure you protect your tyres as much as possible or will know to check them for early wear and tear.

Your own driving

Sudden stops and starts put added pressure on the tyre's rubber and can cause tread to wear down very easily. Hard brakes around curves can also wear down the tread, as can driving on very rough or damaged roads. Running into the sides of curbs or other obstacles can damage the rubber on the outside of the tyres and cause eventual cracks and holes. Be mindful of your own driving habits so you protect your car's tyres as much as possible.

Weather and other outside factors

Extreme heat can soften the rubber of tyres so that it can wear down and become flat, and the tyres lose their tread. Cold weather can make tyres brittle so they're more likely to crack or get punctured while you drive. Grease, oil, chemicals and especially solvents can also damage the rubber of tyres so it then cracks and peels.

To avoid this, be careful about storing your car outside in extreme temperatures, and avoid driving over grease or chemicals that are spilled in your driveway or garage. It's also good to ensure you only use the right cleansers and patching compounds on your tyres when you perform your own car maintenance to protect the rubber from potential damage.

Ignoring car problems

Problems with your car's steering, brakes, axle and other parts can affect the tyres and their tread. If the steering needs an alignment, this will put undue pressure on one or the other side of the tyres. If the brake pads are slipping, they could keep gripping the tyres even after letting your foot off the brake pedal, so the tyres get worn down from this abrasion. When the axle, tie rod, struts or other parts of the suspension are worn down, this can also cause the tyres to drag, hit the pavement with too much force or be misaligned so that they wear down quickly. Never overlook these needed repairs for your car so you protect the tyres and stay safe on the road.