Top Contemplations Before Renting a Car Internationally

If you are travelling to a new country on a short trip and will need to use a car during your stay there, renting one is the most practical option. But if you do not know how to go about car rental process, you can easily end up renting something that does not meet your requirements.

Here is a look at some important considerations you need to make prior to renting a car internationally.

Where you will be visiting

What kind of roads will you be travelling during your time abroad? This is an important consideration in determining the type of car you will need for your transport. If you are going for vacation and want to engage in off-roading activities, such as deep sand racing, muddy valleys, mountain rides, etc., you will need a car that conquer these tough and challenging terrains. 4WDs are a clear choice in such cases. If you are flying out on a business trip in a foreign city with good roads, you might simply need a standard 2WD vehicle to get you to the meeting venue and your hotel. Therefore, the nature and kind of roads in the places you will be visiting have a big say in your choice of rental vehicle. 

Fuel consumption

How many kilometres a car can cover when running on a litre of fuel is another important thing you should take into account before deciding what type of car you should hire. Naturally, you will want a car with good mileage, but that will all depend upon where you will want to go. If you are travelling to remote areas with bad roads, you might need to go for a 4WD vehicle, which typically consumes more fuel than a standard car. Ultimately, you will have to strike a balance between vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Regardless, you can always find something that won't financially hurt you at the gas station – you simply need to ask your car rental service provider to show you what will suit your budget.

What your own insurance covers

Anything can happen while you're driving a rental car – therefore, you will need protection for personal liability, impact damage, theft, vandalism, and medical care for your and any third party's injuries in case of an accident. Before operating any rental car, ensure you understand what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn't in the specific country or countries you intend to visit.

If your policy doesn't protect you while you are driving in a particular country, you should consider the insurance package provided by your chosen rental car provider, and ensure it provides adequate comprehensive protection for personal liability, theft, vehicle damage and hospital fees, etc.