3 cheap repairs your mechanic can do that can save you big bucks

While many of us worry about the costs associated with a trip to the mechanics, the truth is they can help to save you big bucks. Here are some cheap repairs that a mechanic can do, that can lead to big savings for a car owner.

Replacing a badly fitting or missing fuel cap

Replacing a poorly sealing or missing fuel cap can help to make sure that you are not losing fuel through evaporation. Many older cars make do with badly fitting fuel caps lose a significant amount of fuel through evaporation. This is a very quick and easy fix for a mechanic to do as they can easily identify the correct make of cap to fit your fuel tank or repair the existing fuel cap if that is an easier repair. This can be done while you wait in most cases.  

Wheel balancing

If you or someone you know has done some erratic driving in the recent past you may find that you have hit the wheels and have some out of balance wheels. This can lead to uneven wear and mean that you need to change your tyres more quickly which can be an expensive exercise (as well as being very inconvenient if a tyre doesn't grip the way you need at a vital moment!). This can be done while you wait and is a cheap repair that can save you a lot of money on tyre replacement by ensuring you get the most wear from your tyres. 

Cleaning air filters

Getting maximum fuel efficiency relies on having the right mix of air and fuel. Air filters can become clogged with dust and debris which can lead to issues with getting enough air through. It is easy for a mechanic to take out air filters and blow on them with compressed air to remove any buildup. This is a very quick and easy job and can give you a boost to your fuel efficiency which can end up saving you a lot on your fuel bill. 

If you are looking to save yourself money and keep your car running well it can be a good idea to bring in your car into the mechanic and get some cheap and easy maintenance done early. Often these small jobs can keep your car running better and avoid expensive repairs down the track as well as reducing your car operating costs.