Inspections to Carry Out On Used Caravans

Buying a caravan is a significant investment. That is why some people would rather opt for used caravans as they tend to be cheaper than having to buy a brand new one. Nevertheless, it can be quite catastrophic opting for a second-hand caravan only to find that it is completely worse for wear and would require extensive repairs to restore it. To prevent this, it would be in your best interests to familiarise yourself on the things to look out for when considering used caravans. The following are some of the inspections that you should carry out when thinking of purchasing a used caravan.

General inspections of the exterior

The first place to start with your inspections would be the exterior. Some potential buyers make the mistake of simply giving the exterior a once over, yet they do not have trained eye to spot any areas of concern that may not be glaring. You have to get down and dirty to ensure that you are looking at the caravan at every possible angle. Some of the things to look out for when carrying out a thorough exterior inspection include:

Check for signs of any rust or corrosion on the body as well as beneath the caravan. This also means checking the chassis for any undue cracks and the wiring and the piping beneath the caravan for any damage. Along with this, look for any indentations or scratches on the body and roof of the caravan. Check for signs of a new paint job that could be camouflage underlying damage.

Check the condition of the caravan tyres, though these are more easily replaced than most things, so don't put all your stock in the tyres. Also check the condition of the axles. Take the caravan for a test drive to check the effectiveness and mobility of the handbrake as well as to see how the tyres actually function.

Try out the windows and doors. Is there any jamming or resistance? Do the same checks for the awning to make sure it opens and closes with ease.

Finally, check if the tow hitch can be moved freely as well as if the jockey wheel can easily be winded both up and down. Don't forget to look into the condition of both the gas and electrical components of the caravan.

General inspections of the interior

Once you are done with the exterior, it is prudent to also carry out thorough examinations of the interior. Some of the things to look out for include:

  • Check for any telltale signs of dampness and subsequently mould in the caravan walls, upholstery, ceiling and flooring
  • Check for safety fittings such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and more, as well as that they are working
  • Check the working condition of appliances within the caravan such as the stovetop, fridge and more
  • Check whether the water sources are in good working condition; these will include the shower, sinks, toilet and more