Loading a Tilt Tray Truck? What Precautions Do You Need to Take?

Hauling vehicles that are fitted with tilt trays are a very practical solution when moving a variety of equipment including vehicles, containers and sheds. However, even though these vehicles simplify the operation, there are a number of precautions that need to be taken into account by management and operatives in order to ensure health and safety. So what do you need to think about?


Before commencing any job, operators must assess the environment all around them. They need to consider whether the ground they are working on is sufficiently hard and it needs to be as level as possible. They need to assess the general congestion in the area and whether any other activity is likely to be impacted. Where necessary they need to set up "exclusion zones" in and around the area where they will be working.

They should never proceed if they consider that weather conditions could cause potential problems, either by creating slippery conditions or high crosswinds.

Equipment Capacity

A fundamental consideration when using a tilt tray truck is the efficiency of the provided equipment. This equipment includes a variety of different attachments and slings which are used to pull the object onto the truck itself. The operator must be aware of the load capacity of each item in use. They must correctly assess whether these capacities will permit the process to be successful and be undertaken within the maximum load bearing characteristics of such equipment.

Setup Precautions

The operator must be able to choose the most appropriate attachment points on the load in question, in order to facilitate efficient movement. The path between the object and the trailer must be completely free of any obstacles and the job should not proceed if there are any defects of any kind within the rope and hook configuration. As part of this process the operator must refer to the manual containing a log of all repairs or maintenance to the equipment, which should be carried on the vehicle at all times. Before the winch rope is operated it should be ascertained that it is wrapped around its host drum evenly and there are no tangles of any kind.

Hydraulic System Limitation

Fundamentally, it should be noted that most hydraulic winches are capable of exerting considerable pressure. This capacity is normally far in advance of the equipment actually used to attach to the vehicle or container. This means that there is a danger that the working load of equipment or chains could easily be exceeded, very quickly, should an obstacle be encountered and without the operator knowing this. For this reason, it is advised that the operator limits the use of force exerted by the winch, by adjusting the hydraulic system before work commences.

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